Fame at last!


If you click on the link and go 54 mins in you will hear me tell the story of things my mum made me do! It’s a funny story honest, although my mum might not my agree if she ever hears it!

My brother says I started off with my telephone voice and ended up sounding like Catherine Tates nan! You folk from far flung places might have to google her to see!!

I’m full of the cold but still managing to do 2 of the 3 resolutions I made. Mel Robbins #MindsetReset which it’s not too late to do btw brilliant. She goes on a bit but it’s worth it. And yoga with adriene! Love that woman it’s really helped with this rotten cold I’ve got, all that breathing! I signed up for a maths course on furture learn to help my son, but after the first video it became apparent it was too far advanced , I’m still at 1 and1 is 2 level. So he is on his own I’m afraid.

One of the things Mel Robbins suggests is not to sleep by your phone, so for the first time in years I put the phone in the next room and didn’t check it first thing. Quite enlightening actually! I even did the washing up which is a first in the morning!

Reading a fabulous book With the end in mind by Kathryn Mannix she is a palliative care dr and her experience and stories are beautifully written with compassion and encourages us to look ahead as we will all die one day so let’s make it less frightening, honestly it’s really good. Bit heavy maybe! Anyway off to work with a positive mind set and a snotty nose.

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