It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day!! And I feel good!!

So we have made it over to the next year!!

Rather than make up resolutions I’ve decided to do 3 30 day challenges in January. First one is #MindsetReset by Mel Robbins, the author of the 5 second rule or as I call her, the 54321 lady with nice hair and an old face! Love her! It’s basically assessing your life and working on 6 key areas, body, work, love life, self worth, friendships I’ve just realised I’ve forgotten to do the other one! I’m not sure what it is so that’s your cue to check it out!!

The other challenge is Dedicate, a yoga with adriene, she does one every January and boy ! She is fab especially if you have never done yoga before, she really explains each move so well that you know it’s safe to do at home alone!! No tying your legs round your head nonsense! Both of these are available on YouTube.

I’ve actually just signed up for sally Wilkinson’s free step challenge too, You can find her on Facebook Get Over Yourself Get Fitter!

So there really is loads to get you through the next few gloomy months till the snow comes in March and my new granddaughter will be making her way into this wonderful sometimes terrible, world!

My 2 year af anniversary will be 11th February so that keeps my mind focussed on other things! Determined to start in a positive way this year.

Have a journey to India to look forward to( using the term loosely now after I found 2 people were killed by being bitten by monkeys at the place we are going to do conservation work!) I’m also trying not to dwell on the fact that the last few days of our trip will be in Delhi during Diwali, apparently the firecrackers that are set off during this religious festival lasting 5 days make the city the worlds most toxic air!! Oh and yesterday my mum helpful told me a friend of hers got amoebic dysentery when she went there, then tried to lessen the blow by saying her travelling companion didn’t get it!! If me and my friend make it back intact and still speaking I will consider it a great success!!


3 thoughts on “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day!! And I feel good!!

  1. Wow! Well first of all great for you for taking on three awesome sounding challenges! And secondly… ignore those scary tales and I hope that you fully enjoy your trip to India. What an amazing experience to look forward to! I feel like there will always be people with the terrifying travel tales of doom but I tell them that I could hang out safely in my neighbourhood and still get hit by a bus or some other awful unforeseen thing. I’d rather be out adventuring if it’s my time to go 🤗


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