2018! What a year!!

As I approach the 2nd year anniversary of being AF, I have found myself in reflective mood!! Interestingly, the urge to have a wee Prosecco has been quite strong this year, taking me quite by surprise but with a collective No! From my adult kids when I even suggested it, I made do with loads of Christmas pudding with brandy in it instead! Did the trick.

This Christmas has been the most laid back and wonderful Christmas ever. We did a 20 quid secret Santa so no one spent a fortune and we all had fun picking daft pressies. And as my son was working all afternoon at a local hotel we had all day to cook dinner. I did the whole thing, which if you knew me, was indeed a miracle as I don’t cook! Nothing burnt except a few Brussels ! We ate at about 7.30!! Perfect.

Having 8 people over to stay was not without its challenges, notably the fact that we only have one loo, and that gets blocked so often my husband has invested in industrial unblocking rods and can often be seen outside our house down the manhole up to his eyes in shite! This has been going on for sometime and rather than seek outside help, which would cost, he soldiers on himself! His last idea to avert the inevitable blocked loo was to invest in a bum gun, apparently they are all the rage in Asia, according to my daughter who has travelled. Apparently the blocking issue is due to toilet paper, I did point out you still have to dry your bum after gunning it so paper would still be required!

I had an idea which I thought could solve the problem, hire a Portaloo only 100 for two weeks! We could disguise it as a Tardis and the neighbours would be non the wiser! Husband vetoed that saying it was a ridiculous idea and completely unnecessary. When a friend offered a camping Portaloo for free suddenly it was the best idea ever!

The only person to use it was my daughters boyfriend who we were meeting for the first time on Christmas Day, obviously nervous and with a cleaning obsession, being forced to pee in a shed and then realise it doesn’t flush was one way of breaking the ice!! He must really like her!!

My younger daughter is heavy with child!!! Yes at long last I’m going to be a Grandma!!!! She met her now fiancé in may! There 7th date was the 12 week scan!! But they are so happy and loved up and excited who cares that he is from NZ and they will probably end up living there! Apparently it’s on the other side of the world!!

So it’s been quite a year but I have lovely memories and non of the guilt and paranoia that Christmas used to bring! Don’t get me wrong hubby and I have had a few dodgy moments this year and it’s a miracle we are still together but crisis seem to pass by much quicker now we are AF.

Happy New Year when it comes !


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