Hot Mikado

Just call me Katisha! I’ve spent the last week in a leopard print catsuit with red wig,a whip and a feather boa strutting round the stage for my local am dram production of Hot Mikado! It’s been terrifying exciting and a bit of a shambles all at once ,but what fun!

Being sober has helped me be fully present for the whole process, really challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone! It’s 293 days since I drank . Can’t quite believe it! Life has changed drastically and mostly for the better. I was at an after show party tonight and I didn’t even think about drinking it was great. Had a laugh and a sing and came home fairly early. Love being in control of myself, I have had some real ups and downs but on the whole life is settling down nicely! Probably very boring but am passed caring what others thing. I’ve been reading a book called The Four Agreements, trying to live by them, they are

1. Be impeccable with your word, to yourself and others

2. Don’t take anything personally , good or bad

3. Don’t make assumptions!

4. Always do your best.

Following these to the best of your ability is all you can do to live a good life! Any comments??


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