Long time no post! 262 days !

The irony of writing a blog about abstaining from alcohol is that the more af days you get,the less need or urge to post.  However it seems to me that this is when I probably should be posting! Not to boast about how well I’m doing….although I seem to be! But because it’s good for newbies to know that life goes on and is so much better than I have ever known. Now I’m saying that laid up in bed with a virus and no voice! 3 weeks before I am supposed to play Katisha in our local am dram production of Hot Mikado! 

So what’s changed?  One of the things I’ve been working on is my mind body and spirit! Without getting too hippy about it all I have joined a 28 day accountability group on Facebook led by a woman called Sally Wilkinson. If you have never heard of her, check her Facebook page which is called Get over yourself get fitter! She is inspirational and hilarious, from the North of England she calls herself the Northern Knobhead.  She is a fitness instructor and is big into mental health and well being. Her video s that she posts are amazing and funny. She does her HIIT training sessions in her kitchen and cries when her back goes which it does from time to time. I was lucky enough to get into her first group of 60 women who all wanted a kick up the backside to exercise and feel good about ourselves. It was very emotional to support and receive support from a group of likeminded people who all ages shapes and sizes pushed themselves to do things they would not have done. Basically there is a list we wrote which included compulsory daily elements and our own personalised goals. We coloured in the list as we did or did not achieve these goals, the aim was progress not perfection. My list included daily meditation, hula hooping, journaling, drinking 2l h2o a day and not interrupting as well as the compulsory goals of HIIT/ planking / tricep dips.  Now any one could write and do a list of these things but being part of a group that had daily 6am live videos to watch Sally make us laugh and give us motivational readings each day was amazing. She is doing another course 6th November which is full and is planning a monthly subscription and website in the new year. So keep your eyes peeled !!

Being sober this year has enabled me to be able to support my adult daughters after events in their lives meant they needed to come home. It’s been a truly wonderful summer having them home and completely unexpected as they left 10 years ago. They will be moving out soon but hopefully not as far away as they had been. I have been able to help them by bein present and at the same time giving them the space the need to work things through

Hubby is AF too and his life has changed even more than mine, he lost over 1 stone and is happiest I’ve known him. So life is good, I’m till an outsider but at least I’m a sober one!!!


3 thoughts on “Long time no post! 262 days !

  1. That is awesome!
    Thank you for coming back to let us know how much better you life has become alcohol free!
    It is so nice to see others find the same things I did. That hard times are easier to deal with and good time are just good.
    I hope your voice recovers! Keep doing what you are doing!


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  2. As a newbie, I’m finding little things are getting better, but it’s still a bit hard, here and there. I can’t wait to be 100 days af, so I can only image what it will be like at 250 days.
    Get to hear you are doing so well.

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