Positive thinking!

I’m reading a book called “positive thinking ” by Gill Hasson. What I like about it is its simplicity and how the exercises in it are straightforward and relevant to everyone’s life! I’ve bought myself a journal A4 in size and a beautifully decorated cover to encourage me to use it. So I’ve set about a few goals I want to achieve, how I’m going to do achieve them, these include eating more healthily, by including more water fruit and veg and cutting back on sugar, eating protein with each meal and really making each meal as attractive to look at as possible, not shovelling it down my gob at a rate of knots but actually taking my time. This is one of 4 goals, the others relate to a specific job I’d like to go for, travel and decorating!!! Quite a range to start with!

Part of the book that I felt has been really useful to me is how to deal with disappointment. For example last year I did a degree course after years of not studying that related to my job. I loved the course and felt I tried really hard. I passed but my grade for my essay was not as good as I had hoped and it made me feel like a failure. I’d wanted to go on to do a masters programme, but because of this I felt I wouldn’t be up to it. One of the things in the book that has helped me change my mind is that, although I’m acknowledging that I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped, I had passed! And rather than deter me it should spur me on. Reflecting on what I could of done better, for example asking for help and not procrastinating and taking the comments from my essay and really examining what I could improve on has made me think…sod it im going to give it a go! 

I also need to examine my motives, for example I’ve always had a chip on my shoulder about being a bit thick, hence all the courses I’ve done to try and disprove this. So I really need to look at what I’m setting out to achieve, who it’s benefitting and if it’s necessary, or I’ll be doing courses till I’m on my deathbed and still feel like I’m thick as a brick. Anyhow I’d recommend this book to anyone like me who likes a no nonsense practical approach to how to put positive thinking into your life. That’s my book review over!

Today it’s midway through the second week of my holiday, and this part is spent at home, I have been really blessed with the good weather and the sun is shining brightly, I’m off for a run , then going to potter about the garden today!! The simple things are sometimes the best!! Day 151 alcohol free!!


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