Alcohol free holiday!!

So, not only did I have a wonderful week in Cornwall with my family,both hubby and I stayed alcohol free.  We ran every day visited lots of lovely places, went on long coastal walks and spent time with the children , eating out at lovely restaurants and playing daft games. We even went on a ghost walk around st Ives! 

Now this is in complete contrast to our last family holiday when we went to Spain, where hangovers ruled the day and we did diddly squat all day trying to recover to start all over again!

Now I’m not saying we weren’t tempted, but the fact that we have put in place strategies to deal with this after having a few months af , such as alcohol free wine and beer helped, although we didn’t have these a lot, as I don’t think it’s helpful to use these too often, in this case they were useful when others were drinking for example when we went for a meal. However , hubby and I have decided to not waste our money on these but get used to soft drinks or a cup of tea! Both of us are now able to play it forward, where we imagine the consequences of drinking, how it would end. Also I’m 150 days and hubby 90 and the fact that I’m “winning” for change is incentive enough for me!


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