One year no beer, well, four months no wine

Can’t quite believe it but I’m now 138 days AF, after the many attempts I’m really reaping the benefits. I’m hoping anyone who reads this and struggling can take comfort from the fact that this is the longest I’ve been without alcohol for 16 years despite numerous attempts! My life has changed beyond recognition. 

Apart from the obvious, no hangovers wasted days and paranoia, I’m able to waste days and be paranoid totally sober! The other benefits include being present for my daughter who has been going through a really tough time and has come home to live for a while. Also my husband needed support with a work issue which he was able to deal with with my help. 

My husband, has joined me and we have managed to negotiate a family get together drinking af wine and beer. Think our relatives were amazed and a bit envious !

Don’t get me wrong I still have days when the thought of a bottle wine crosses my mind, but I’m able to fast forward in my mind as to what the consequences would be and how shit I would feel, so so far so good.

I’m off on holiday to Cornwall on Saturday, it will be my first holiday sober for years. I’m posting here because I have had a few moments when I thought I might weaken so I thought this would make me accountable.

Have to thank the increadible folk at one year no beer for the amazing support. If you want free online support please check out their Facebook page!


6 thoughts on “One year no beer, well, four months no wine

    • I have been following you for awhile, Ruby, and I have been struggling for a long time too. So it was with great joy that I read this blog the other day. Congrats to you on this long sober time for you. 138 days..Wow!. the longest I went was with Belle’s challenge and it was for around 120 days. I wish I had stayed the course. I have started again and am on day 3. You are an inspiration. Keep posting!

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      • Aww thank you so much. Joining one year no beer has been the catalyst for me, took me a while but they have a great support network on Facebook, it also makes you change your thinking about drinking, you aren’t missing out on anything ( not always easy to believe!) also the whole lifestyle change, they focus on trying to set yourself a physical challenge however minor, that really helps the mind body connection. However after a week in Cornwall eating pasties and cream teas, my liver is hurting as much as it did when I drank!!


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