I may of been quiet on here but it’s not for any sinister reason ! As you know the last few years have seen me gain periods of sobriety and periods when I have drank albeit nowhere near the quantity or regularity that I used to. The story today is that I’m 14 days alcohol free. I’ve committed to at least 90 days with a group called One Year No Beer. The support, practical help and the non judgemental ethos works for me. Using approaches such as Annie Grace s in This Naked Mind, it approaches sobriety from the angle that there is nothing to lose and everything to gain!. Started by Ruari Fairbairns and Andy Ramage it tackles life from all angles, physical psychological and biological.  The support on the Facebook forums and the website is phenomenal. Because we all have something  to contribute regards experiences when drinking and being alcohol free , I actually feel I’m helping others as well as myself, important for recovery. Anyhow if anyone fancies taking a look at the website it’s 

In other parts if my life I have began to say no!! This is a biggie for me. I try to be all things to everyone and end up stretching myself like a rubber band till something  snaps . So I’m not doig the latest am dram show, I’ve pulled out of the Manchester marathon although I’m still running but for my own pleasure! I finished and passed my course for work and haven’t volunteered for anything else yet…..

I’m spending more time with hubby and son. Hubby is AF 6 days!! So we are supporting each other however it’s important for us not to rely on each other for our sobriety. 

Hope everyone is ok out there and I’m grateful and happy to be here….


3 thoughts on “Commitment 

  1. The link won’t work, but I will google it.
    I’m glad you have found support. Use what works today, and be open minded and interested in any and every avenue of support. I have found it in the most unlikely places!

    You can do this!



  2. Congratulations!!! I love Annie’s book too. The OYNB podcasts have been a great help – usually as I walk to work! Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, your post is very motivating. Thank you xoxo


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