Happy New Year!!

Boy, do I feel good! Not only did I see in the new year with ginger beer and Jamie Oliver’s hot chocolate, I actually had a wonderful evening with my hubby and 2 of my children!! We played Articulate and that daft game where we stick bits of paper on our forehead with names of celebs and try to guess who we are, I was Ken Dodd and unsurprisingly I came last….not a clue…even sober I couldn’t remember the answers to the questions I’d asked at the beginning….or the questions….I’m worried about myself!  Articulate was rather frustrating too as I was paired with hubby who was so drunk he couldn’t really speak… or think!! I had to draw on my powers of tolerance not to get cross as I’m very competitive!! Interspersed with me asking everyone if they were hot too as I’m convinced I’m having hot flushes. They are all so terrified of the thought of me being menopausal after 20 years of PMT they all said yes ..!

One thing that we did last night which was so lovely was to open the memory jar I started last new year. I put a note of all the good things that had happened during the year as they happened, on a square of paper and folded it up. I encouraged visitors to add things too. Reading through the years memories was amazing, the overiding theme was family, achievement in running and and the am dram productions and starting hillwalking!! Its funny how you forget what you did during the yearand this is a wonderful way of reminding ourselves how full a year is!

My mum was a bit of a worry this Christmas, as my sister and I are estranged it’s always difficult for her so this year her and her neighbour went to Blackpool for 5 days. All inclusive for £239…..you couldn’t stay at home for that! It included coach travel! All the waifs and strays of Britain descend on this hotel and according to my mum….who can’t be relied on…the staff were temporary carers for the holiday period. One night a woman from a party from Dundee heckled the frank Sinatra impersonator for Elvis so much he came off the stage and had to be physically restrained from belting her, she then shat on the carpet and the the bar tender had to clear it up!! The hotel offered all these pensioners alcoholic drinks at a pound a time during the day so everyone was drunk morning noon and night. On the return journey the bus had to be stopped as 2 70 year old men stared fighting and had to be separated by the driver who had to stop the bus halfway up the M6! Mums already booked for next year!!
Anyway, today I’m planing a lovely long run then a trip into work to do some coursework then home for Sherlock!


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. Ha ha that made me chuckle. I love love love the idea of a memory jar for the year, I might steal that for here. Happy new year to you and yours. I hope it’s a good one and that this sober life brings you everything you want and need. The start of this year is so much different than last for me and I am just so much happier. You’re probably like me in that I a peri menopause so have the odd hot flush and then nothing for weeks. Something is happening cos my cycle is all over the place. Ahhh the joys of middle age. Please don’t let me end up like my mum who farted when she walked, loudly too! Oh the horrors.


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