Sober seventeen!!

The year, not my age obviously! ! So this is the opportunity to have a whole year AF. Feel quite inspired by other af ers! ! Specifically from soda 

please take a look at these sites if you want to really get great help and advice. So I’m not planning in drinking this New Year. Getting lovely juices and sparkling water in. Have signed up for an online yoga site called and have been doing daily practises, it’s great coz you can customizer which type of practise you want , how long for etc. Lots of different teachers. I’m a complete beginner but find it helps me as a runner to stretch and to really relax. Just love it.! My darling daughter is home and I’ve been using that as an excuse to drink the last 2 nights, mostly I think as a reaction to the fact that I have 2 assignments due in January for a course I’m on. I just need to stop prevaricating  and get on with it.  Im not doing the next am dram show, this feels like a really important decision for me because as an attention seeker I will be in the position of supporting others to do well as I’m still in the company and on the committee.  Might teach me a lesson in humility!! Instead of it all being me me me. Here are the links …Hopefully! 

Happy new year 

Ruby xx


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