Boxing day. ..I made it through!

Well, gor the first time in many years I have gotten through Christmas without a drink! Admittily I drank on the 23rd and the week up to Xmas. ..bizarrely because I was worrying about drinking at Christmas!  Makes no sense, but that’s me all over. 

Anyhow feel very pleased with myself , especially as I battled with a bottle of prosecco yesterday lunchtime and won gor a change  I had patience with the kids and hubby, for which they are grateful for but not for the setting up of my new ipad hubby got for me!! Couldn’t work out the apps .. So frustrating! ! Poor hubby was beginning to think he should of got me bubble bath instead ungrateful cow that I am! Anyway sorted now. Insomnia has arrived in my life and has become a 3 am wake up call every day for a month, with or without alcohol. 

Went to sleep with the news that George Michael had died…What a shock. So many talented people have passed away this year. He was another tormented soul, battling his demons …gone far too soon.

So on that note I will sign off for today and say peace to you all xx


2 thoughts on “Boxing day. ..I made it through!

  1. Insomnia, 28 months in and I still wake up somewhere around 2-4 in the night. Sometimes it is a toilet call due to drinking copious amounts of tea in the evening. Sometimes I just ‘wake up’. Natural medicine people say it is the ‘liver time’ of the day. This is when the liver is most active. Obviously gheghe, it is a drinking thing. Almost all people who drink a lot, regularly for a long time develop this insomnia thing. Falling asleep is no problem (fasing out?) but waking up in the middle of the night is. I have not found a solution yet. Having said that, I should be making those sleeping mask today. Finally.
    xx, Feeling


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