Home ….almost alone!!

About a month ago my gorgeous daughter returned from her far east travels, not to settle down and start a family as I’d secretly hoped but to save more dough to go back out travelling again, this time to Australia. It’s a strange set of feelings I have about this….slightly relieved as I’m far too young to be a granny as well as slightly disappointed! Overwhelmingly though I feel so glad that she is living her dream.I have to admit to being quite jealous when she first went off, she was getting to do all the things I dreamed of. But with more thought I realised how wonderful it is that she is able to have this opportunity.  She worked so hard to save the money to go and together with her boyfriend they planned and didn’t plan lots of great adventures, including a night trek in the jungle in Borneo with only an iPhone for light and sandals!! Anyhow after a week in Skiathos with a friend this year , I realised travelling is too much like hard work for more than 2 weeks a year so I’m over my envy!! Must be my age, any how the reason I’m telling you all this is that when she came back I gave her my car so she could find work . She is staying with her Nan 300 miles away .  So we are a 1 car household with my hubby cycling to work on his electric bike while I drive 10 miles in the opposite direction in the estate which until this week.I couldn’t park!! So this weekend hubby had to go away and my son and I are stranded 10 miles from a shop!! We have had a wonderful weekend. Don’t have to be anywhere coz we can’t and for the first time in years I have had a weekend in my home and sober!! It’s a bit like going on holiday where you are forced to relax!! Of course I should of started my essay for my ophthalmology course but hey…what’s the hurry!!

The latest show starts next weekend  with the local am dram company I’m in. It’s a journey through the musicals!! (Not my words)! In some cases it’s more of a car crash through but hey it’ll be a laugh. I can’t yet sing my song in tune despite numerous attempts but according  to the MD it’s ok coz it’s funny!! No place for bruised egos here!

As far as sobriety goes this year I have been sober the majority of the  time .  I can count on 2 hands how many times I have drank and this episode represents 21 days continously . Hubby has joined me!! What a difference having that support makes for each other but have to be wary we don’t waver at the same time. He is seeing such results in his work and energy levels but still finding sleep a problem. I’m starting to feel like it’s less likely I will go back to my old ways, the thought of wine turns my stomach but I still get that craving for something at wine o clock. Nothing really hits the spot so I just distract myself with food and tv till it passes any suggestions?

Last weekend I did my first Ultra marathon ! ! 33 miles in the Trossachs . ..sounds painful and it was. The  first 10 miles I was cursing everything and everyone ,  arguing with myself why I had entered in the first place. The middle 13 were euphoric ! ! I had the best ideas I’d had in years and loved everyone!! ( bit like being drunk !). The final 10 were tough, relentless route and at one point I thought I was going to die…. but soon rallied round and crawled over the finishing line in 6 hours 17 minutes 45 seconds. ….kinda wish I hadn’t stopped to take all them photos…Might of been quicker!

I have joined oneyearnobeer which I would recommend to anyone wanting support . They have a Facebook page which is closed and is great for instant support together with SWANS this is making me feel stronger in.my endeavours and able to support others !! 

So this is mad week for the show which starts next Saturday .  I’m very excited as I get to wear a fat suit and 5 wigs! pics to follow!


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