Miracle morning 

Well I’m 43 days AF and today I have started the miracle morning! It’s a book by Hal Elrod. It basically says you should get up early and do all the stuff we say we are going to but never get round to, before 8am! It can be adjusted according to lifestyle of course. It centres on 6 SAVERS:

Silence or meditation

Affirmations,  basically finding things important to you to achieve and writing them down as if you have already achieved them or are about to. You need to look at why they are important to you. Then you should say them out loud! ! Mine were things like: I am a fantastic kind caring person!etc…not sure that’s right of course.
Visualisation.  You then spend 5 minutes or so visualising achieving the goals, easy bit visualising  living in a palace surrounded by family!! Sort of! Being healthy happy and debt free, more realistically!

Excerise! ! No explanation necessary at least 20 mins of! Did my getfitwithdavina workout.

Read : something to improve yourself 20 mins: I read more of the miracle morning today.

Scribe: write down something anything! Journaling either in a book or digitally,  which is what I’m doing today!

I’m knackered already and I’ve still got to walk the dog and go to work!!


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